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I believe that a life of radiant health, deep connections, happiness and peace isn’t only something to dream of. If we are willing to start the journey of self-discovery, we will understand that all we are longing for isn’t found in the external world in the first place – it starts within.

We live in a world where a lot of us are conditioned to believe that only a pill can cure the pain or ticking off the boxes of a flashy career, an expensive car, a big house, etc. will bring us happiness. While it might give us a short-term relief or pleasure, it will most likely leave us feel empty in the long run. A vicious circle of “if I will reach … , I will feel happy and fulfilled” mentality arose that disconnects us from what is truly nourishing our body, mind and soul.

The journey starts within and that might scare some of us, as we realize that we are responsible for how we think, feel and act in this world. But it’s worth facing this fear and walking this path of meeting yourself it so many new ways.

Let faith, curiosity and courage guide you as you are pealing off the layers that dimm your light. A greater understanding of who you truly are will arise which will lay the foundation for living a life of purpose, compassion, awareness, kindness and transformation.

Yes, it is you who has to walk this path but you don’t have to walk it alone. There is a great empowering effect in human connections, co-regulation and co-creation. If we come together to truly listen, feel and trust we’re setting up a space for releasing, unlearning, relearning, discovering and healing.

May you feel called to take a leap of faith and start your own unique journey.