how we breathe is how we live


Breathwork is a general term for various breathing practices, techniques and exercises. Even though its origin can be traced down thousands of years – breathing hasn’t always gotten the attention and importance it deserves.

Time to change that and reconnect with what is keeping us alive every second and what can be a gateway for self-regulation, healing and longterm transformation.

Facilitated Breath Repatterning is a profound body-based form of Breathwork combined with Bodywork to:

– restore the functionality of the main three diaphragms 

– balance the nervous system function

– complete unprocessed emotions and reflexes

in order to create:

– a natural, healthy and dynamic breath that is adjusting appropriately to

any internal and external circumstances

– equilibrium between the body, mind, emotions and Spirit

– greater physical, mental and emotional capacity and resilience

– a life of clarity, confidence, peace and ease

Through consciously connecting our breath we are changing blood chemistry, which impacts our endocrine system, organ function and brain state. Through altered states of consciousness we have access to our sub- and unconsciousness. This allows unprocessed emotions and reflexes, learned behaviors and patterns to emerge and gives us the opportunity to go into and through it so energy can be discharged, cycles can be completed and new felt experiences and circuits can be created.


Through a continuous practice we gain more awareness and introspection. We work through the roots of our triggers, therefore we become better in regulating and expressing our emotions. We balance our nervous system, we change how we react and how we relate to others. Our perception of the world and ourselves clears up. We unlearn old patterns and remember who we truly are, and with that comes the embodied feeling of freedom, authenticity and confidence.

How we breathe is how we live.



In this space all parts of you are welcome. Emotions, sounds and movement can be explored and expressed and will be held by me with confidentiality, compassion and groundedness.
As this practice has truly changed my life, I am devoted and honored to share it with you. In this space and with this practice we co-create and co-regulate. That means I am not here to safe you but to guide and support you in finding your power, authentic expression, softness and confidence. We will blend my own embodied practice and knowledge with your willingness and openness to dive into your own journey.